Social Media Marketing

social-mediaWe create and operate Social Media Marketing programmes for clients.

  • We start by creating an overall plan. This includes setting out what the social media activities will be, who will be responsible for each, what types of messages will be posted and how the communities for each platform will be managed.
  • We design and build the various social media platforms and get the activities off the ground.
  • We run monthly brainstorming sessions with clients in order to generate ideas for the posts for the month ahead.
  • We operate the social media platforms by posting the agreed content, building and managing the communities plus taking part in relevant conversations.
  • If required, we also run Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads campaigns.

adwordsGoogle AdWords Campaign Management

Struggling to get to grips with Google AdWords? We can help. We are well-equipped to help you set up and manage successful advertising programmes for your business on Google. We can offer you special deals and can help you to get the best results for the money you spend on Google ads. Interested? Contact us today.

Search Engine Optimization

iStock_000000315957XSmallWe offer a search engine optimization (SEO) service which is reputable and affordable. Our dedicated team of SEO professionals achieve top 10 search engine rankings on all the search engines that matter, namely Google, Bing and Yahoo.

We only use what are called ‘white hat’ techniques – these are search engine optimization tactics and guidelines which are approved by the leading search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

We understand the complexities of what is required in terms of the important factors such as tags, positioning of keywords, keyword density, and the variations between the search engine algorithms.

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